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May 15, 2019


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Learn about the Barriers to Effective Digital Communication

It is worth noting that in this modern era, digital communication has become very important. In most cases hover like in many other forms of communication, effective digital communication is often affected by certain problems. The main objective of this article is to shed some light on some of the barriers of effective digital communication. Many people may wonder on what effective digital communication entails. Effective digital communication exists where people buy into the speakers, the message and the medium.

One of the examples of the barriers that exists for there to be effective digital communication is that barrier known as the emotional barrier. This means that there is a striking difference between digital communication and face to face communication where you read the emotions of the person you are taking to. The methods that a person could use to overcome that barrier of emotions is many in number. The way out of this emotional barrier is using emotional intelligence that is similar to the one used in the case of a child or a spouse who is asking for money.

One of the other barriers that rock effective digital communication is the credibility barrier. It is our view regarding the person communicating that informs how we perceive the message that is digitally communicated. The source of a certain piece of information therefore plays a very vital role in the determination of the credibility of that information. The way to overcome this barrier of credibility is matching your message with your medium. One of the other examples of the means to deal with this issue is that you should be in a position to identify yourself at length.

Time is also a barrier when it comes to effective communication using the digital mediums. The time barrier arises as a result of the conflict that arises between the sender and the recipient due to failure to respond in time.

Rating your messages by channel and by source is the way out of this barrier.
Context is also one of the barriers that rocks effective digital communication. To overcome this problem, it is important that the sender be mindful of the other person and keep message now in context. One of the other barriers that affects digital communication is the semantic barrier. One of the other problem that faces digital communication is attention. To effectively deal with this barrier, ensure that you clarify on the time when you are available and when you are not available. These details are very important for people to have.