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September 7, 2017

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What to Do When Your Dog Has Canine Anorexia

Dogs frequently exhibit voracious appetite.It gives you the joy to see its tail wagging whensee you are about to give it food Therefore it is disturbing to note that your pet is not interested in food.The condition that leads to dog’s lack of appetite is referred to as canine anorexiaIt is a worrying situation to notice the dog does not have any desire for food.

The First thing to do is to find out what leads to this kind of a condition.There are some reasons that can be associated with the loss of appetite of thelossanimal.some factors can easily be explained.At the same time there are others that are more complex and challenging to address.Knowing the reason for the problems though is a good step towards addressing them.There are many things that can be causing such problems.There are some that are referred to in the article.

Environmental issues contributes so much to the problem.Sudden changes may cause your dog to become anxious or depressed.When you move the dog to a different home, or you change its diet immediately, it may react negatively.When a member of the family dies, or the person who takes the animal round is changed abruptly, the change may cause the animal react in this manner.Whenlack the animal is anxious, depressed or stressed, it may lack the desire for food.

There are times when the animal may pick rotten food or other things like plastics which may end up causing it problems.The collected stuff may cause some interference with the digestive system.Problems with the teeth may make the animal unable to eat as expected.Some common problems that cause the animal not to eat include mouth trauma, teeth cavities, and teeth misalignment among others.The dog will not be able to chew when it has problems with the teeth.

Knowing what is causing the problems willcausinghelp you to solve them.First establish whether the dog has any interest in the food.You can tell when the animal is making some effort to eat and then retreat immediately.You should make the food as appealing as possible and watch the reaction of your petWarming the food or giving the pet a different meal may appeal better.From the reaction of your pet you will be able topet know whether the problem is appetite or not.You can tell whether it is lack of appetite or difficulty in chewing by observing the behavior.

Once you establish the possible issue, you need to take the animal to the vet immediately.The Vet should take the necessary tests like the blood work,the ultra sound or x-ay.Once the problem is diagnosed; treating it is easier.Canine anorexia does not only disturb the dog, but also the owner as butwell and treating it gives you peace of mind.Ensure your dog receives the right treatment and properrightcheckups from the experts.You will have fewer issues with your pet