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August 12, 2017


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Things to Do When You Are Headhunted

If You’re clearly excellent in your job, other companies will definitely want to get you to their so that you can take your skill and expertise . If you’re contacted for a position in a different business, then they are mind hunting you. What should be your next steps? Learn below.

Keep the secret

Being headhunted is quite flattering and exciting. It’s very easy to be enticed boast about it. For your career sake, resist the temptation by all means. Sharing about it can possibly ruin your current job. For example, if your employer learns about your possible departure, they may change their attitude towards you and possibly shy away from assigning you some duties and from promoting you. Therefore, keep this a top secret.

Examine the head hunter and firm’s credentials

While it is great to know that your skill is desired in another company, do your due diligence in good time. Find out if the recruiting agency is professional and will negotiate for you a good deal and if they can respect confidentiality.

Make sure you get as much information as possible about the new firm. Understand their culture and what they deal with. Be sure to only invest your time with a company which will enable you to grow in your career. Even though a better remuneration may be tempting, consider other factors like a possibility of getting a better role than your current one.

Attend an informal interview

Once you have all the helpful information about the head Hunter and the hiring firm and you believe you might choose to go to the next step, get an informal interview with them. They will organize that you meet a representative from either of the companies. This interview could be done over a lunch or a dinner. Listen carefully to what they have to what they have to say and ask questions only when given the opportunity. Remember to observe interview etiquette and don’t ask about how much you will be earning as this might bring you across as not interested in just what the company will gain.

Attend a formal interview

If you are positive that you would want to contend for the position, Then you can inform the headhunter and they’ll organize for the formal interview. This may include a series of interviews and may contain presentations and demonstration of what you can actually do. Convince the interviewers that you can actually bring value to the organization.

Examine the pay and benefits

In case you’re successful in the interviews, you can then discuss about your wages and other benefits. Remember that you have an upper hand, in that they head hunted you. However, it’s great to call experts in assisting you with tips on how to negotiate for a really good package and to use the hourly paycheck calculator by state.

Read the Contract

Read your contract closely to understand what You’re getting into. Pay attention to critical matters like privacy clauses, amount of notice and working overtime. Check the working conditions of the workplace before Finally registering it.

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