The Essentials of Health – Revisited

July 29, 2017


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Have a Green and Live Environment with the Following

President Donald Trump vision of America did not actualize with the Paris Climate Agreement. As a result he has started the leaving process which has left a lot of unanswered about America’s proposed actions for the environment. Still, there is much that needs to get done both at home and abroad. There are many small projects that everyone in the world can take up that could add up to a big positive difference. The the question is: What can you do for your local area?

There is no doubt that bees play a big part in the ecosystem. They are the insects responsible for flowers pollination. It might not sound as good proposition to attract bees to your garden, but when you come to think of it, they rarely harm anyone. It is not a bad idea to add a few hives in your garden and train to become a beekeeper. You do not necessarily need much space to attract bees, you can still use potted plants that will attract them.

Other types of Insects
Other insects play an important role to your local natural habitat too. Many insects provide a valued food source for the local birds and wildlife that might come to your garden. You can improve the area of the insects by maintaining the garden green. Instead of paving it and making it a low-maintenance area, leave it to grow a little wild. It benefits both the people and wildlife a lot; the birds and insects will love it, and your neighbors will benefit from all the beautiful birdsong it attracts. All this can be achieved by having a lawn.

Often, hedges are underrated. Hedges provide a home for small birds, mammals, and insects, and some hedgerows even offer nuts, fruits, and as well as berries for you. The main reason why hedges are grown around your property is for the purpose of air purification.

Clean it Up
If you leave everything to your local authority, the chances are that they will not clean everything at the same time. You sure do pay your taxes and do your part by using the litter bins, but still, there still can be a lot of litter that is blown over the streets and parks. It doesn’t harm to volunteer for a couple of hours to cleanup and everyone can enjoy a better and safer environment.

Take a Day Off
If your commute to work in your car, check if your boss will be willing to give you a day of remote working from home. There are numerous ways in which you can give your vehicle a break and save money. You can choose to car share with others, decide to walk or take public support to go shopping.