The Effects of Caffeine in the Body

July 13, 2017


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A lot of people take drinks that contain caffeine for various reasons. However, the substance has side effects especially when it is taken beyond the body’s requirements. Caffeine doesn’t have any nutritional content and it has no taste.

Caffeine is a substance that is naturally obtained from plants and it can be artificially produced as well. Lots of plant seeds contain caffeine like kola nut and coffee beans. There are lots of drugs that you can get over the counter which contain caffeine as it has some health benefits when taken as prescribed. It’s not healthy to consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis as it comes with some nasty consequences.

You will learn more about caffeine, the harmful effects in the body and how it can be avoided. When you consume caffeine on a regular basis your body adjusts to its effects but the degree of tolerance depends on your age, body mass, and other health conditions.

Central Nervous System
Caffeine serves as a stimulant on the nervous system as it get to the brain fast. It makes you more alert and active, keeping you awake and more energetic. A lot of people use it to avoid being drowsy. However, an overdose of caffeine can result in a headache so you need to watch out. Symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, irritation, and drowsiness.

Caffeine gets to your brain quickly and also serves as a central nervous system stimulant in the body. The most noticeable effect is alertness. It can make you feel more awake and less tired or likely to sleep, so it’s a common ingredient in medications to treat drowsiness.
Although there is common knowledge of drinking coffee to recover from the negative hangover of too much alcohol, caffeine doesn’t actually help your body process alcohol any faster.

If you’re not used to the substance, then caffeine can make you extremely nervous especially when taken in large quantity. If you have an anxiety disorder or emotional disturbance, caffeine may make it worse. Furthermore, it’s not ideal for people who experience insomnia.

Digestive and Excretory Systems
Withdrawal from caffeine can cause nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of caffeine overdose include diarrhea, excessive thirst, and increased urination.

Caffeine increases the acid content in your stomach and results to stomach upset or diarrhea. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, while overdose symptoms include diarrhea, increase in urination and thirst.

Caffeine can increase the blood pressure as it accelerates the heartbeat. An overdose can result to irregular heartbeat and other heart related issues.

Osteoporosis: When there is an overdose of caffeine in the body it affects the bones as the substance is absorbed by the body and it interferes with the metabolism of calcium.

Reproductive system: Pregnant women need to be cautious when taking caffeine as it could increase the heartbeat of the baby. An overdose can reduce the growth of the baby in the womb and increase the incidence of miscarriage.

It is important to always confirm from your doctor if consumption of caffeine is good for your health to avoid any complications.

Tips For Endurance Workouts

July 12, 2017


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If you are looking for Hammer supplements, you need to look into the variety of athletic supplement products that can be found from the online retailer, Hammer Nutrition Europe. You will be able to find the perfect supplement to go along with your workout regime to get you to where you have always wanted to be in regards to your physical ability.

Staying Hydrated

Besides taking Hammer supplements when you are working out at high levels, it is also important that you stay hydrated when you are working out. Even before you start working out, it is important that your body is already hydrated. If you do so, it could lead to muscle cramps and fatigue. You should make sure to drink 20 ounces of water before you start working out. If you plan on working out extra hard, drink more than 20 ounces of water.

Warming Up

It is also important that you complete various body stretches and body weight drills before you start working out. Performing dynamic warm ups will improve your mobility, reduce the risk of some kind of injury and stimulate your nervous system.

Wearing Proper Shoes

Wearing the proper shoes is so very important when you are working out. You do not want to use the first pair of workout shoes you find. You want to make sure that the shoes are good for working out but you are also going to want to make sure that the shoes fit you properly.

Strength Training

No matter what type of endurance workout that you are completing, it is also important that you are doing some kind of strength training as part of your workout regime, even along with taking the different Hammer supplements. Even if you think you do not need strength training, you are wrong – everyone that is working out needs some kind of strength training to go along with the workout they are doing. When you add strength training to your workout routine, you are going to very well likely see an increased energy level, increased speed and a decreased injury. If you want to get stronger and have less risk of injury, make sure that you add some type of strength training in your workout regime.

Eating More Protein

High endurance athletes need to eat more protein. Having a well-balanced diet is very important if you are working out a lot. Endurance athletes are going to burn down a lot of muscle tissue – you need to consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight to make sure that you have enough amino acid to rebuild into your body. Protein sources should come from beef, turkey, chicken, eggs and Greek yogurt.


If you are looking for Hammer supplements to take for all of your athletic endurance workouts, you need to check out the online retailer, Hammer Nutrition Europe. Besides taking the endurance supplements, it is also important that you do the above things to keep your workout at a top notch level.

How Women Can Benefit Joining The Fitness Studio In Jupiter?

July 12, 2017


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With so many stuffs going around them, women take very little care of themselves and dedicate their whole time on those “important” work. The total amount of time spent on those works would sometime take a toll and deteriorates the health. Therefore, meaningful exercises at the right point of time are necessary. It not only keeps the body healthy, but gives an enviable shape to it.

Note that simply surfing through websites or skimming over the magazines won’t do any good. Starting with some gentle exercises in a fitness studio in Jupiter would yield better results than just reading those magazines. It can be really frustrating and intimidating at times when women aren’t able to pick a regime/program that suits their routine and hence, the need of professional intervention arises.

Boutique fitness studios v/s Traditional gyms

Basically, the aims of both are only about fitness. However, an elaborated perspective would showcase their differences. Inside a gym, the instructor doesn’t know anyone personally and provides advice on an average basis. On the contrary, a fitness coach in Palm Beach Gardens would guide with personal attention, especially rectifying the exercises that women have been doing wrong. It is actually more beneficial if the instructor pays attention to the individuals instead of rolling out a general instruction like in a gym.

Another point of argument between fitness studios and gyms is the amount of money that one spends on either of them. Frankly, both of them can charge expensively based on their equipment, arrangements, training facilities and options and so on. But, some of the people claim the fitness studios as a costly option and comparatively, gym costs much lower. People can pay up a little more if they “really” want them to see different and hence, choosing fitness studios is an advantageous pick.

What are the long-term benefits of joining fitness studios?

Joining the Jupiter fitness studio can benefit the women in more than one way. Precisely, the important advantages include:

A professional fitness coach provides focus on individuals and not group units because one-size-fits-all theory isn’t compliant. Since the coach would get to know the trainee in person, the doubts regarding fitness move away in a small time.

Nutritional diet takes the front seat while a person trains for overall fitness. Following a proper diet is necessary for someone who wants to get in shape. Here, the coach or nutritionist, provides advice on individual needs.

There’s no need of a complicated gym schedule where chaos would occur due to an exceeding number of gym trainees. The fitness studio simply designs a plan/week based on the preferences of a trainee. Hence, they are strict with the timings.

The overall physical training would encompass various areas, which include muscle toning, flexibility, strength building, stamina and health. Thus, it gives complete importance to the overall health of a person.


The Benefits of Personal Fitness Training

July 12, 2017


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Below are the benefits of personal fitness training:

1) Motivation

Motivation is the most important factor when it comes to losing focus on fitness. It is also difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a personal trainer improves your motivation to continue with a workout regimen.

2) Time Saving

In a City like Mumbai, a personal trainer would save your time a lot and make exercise to the point and effective. He will not allow you to waste your valuable time. This helps a lot specially when you are busy.

3) Technical Knowledge

There are many certifications for personal trainer, these certification are tough exams to get through. Personal trainer who passed these exams have high knowledge about human body and its movement. This is extremely necessary to help clients to maintain and improve exercise postures.

4) Ego Boost

Personal trainer not only helps you achieve fitness goals, but they provide you with honest feedback on your performance and boost your confidence to take on new fitness challenges.

5) Making Exercise Fun

Personal trainer helps to make exercise more enjoyable. With his expertise he can change the sequence, ways to make exercise more fun and challenging at the same time.

6) Individual Requirement

Personal trainer understands and plan exercise after studying individual need and limitation, which helps to make exercise plan very individualized. In city like Mumbai, a personal trainer helps to serve individual fitness requirement.

7) Reducing Exercise Related Injuries

Performing exercises under personal trainer helps a lot to reduce the risk of injury. Many people are seriously injured by performing exercises every year. Having someone trained in how to execute certain exercise posture will greatly reduce the level of risk and increase the effectiveness of your fitness.

8) For Helping with Referrals

Whenever client need referrals, a personal trainer knows whom should they refer. Every professional serves different purpose in client’s fitness journey be it a dietitian or orthopedic doctor or masseur.

9) Indoor-Outdoor Training

Personal trainer in Mumbai can help you exercise at Outdoor or Indoor. There are man ways to exercise with and without exercise equipments. Indoor as well as outdoor exercises are fun when it is done under experienced personal trainer.

10) Efficiency

A certified personal trainer is capable of making the most of your exercise time, which increases the efficiency of your exercise. This is especially helpful when you have a limited amount of time to workout. For example, if you have to just 30 mins to exercise then your trainer can complete a routine with you in 30 mins with his tricks and techniques which will help to burn more number of calories and provides the same physical benefits.

5 New Fat Burning Exercises

There is no easy way to reduce the body fats. If you want to reduce the fat of the body and looks awesome then you have equally ready to work hard for that. We human being has a common character that we get easily bored doing same stuff in a time of periods. We always keep on looking for something new even in place of workout or in the gym. There are lot gym trainers who actually keep on researching the new workout method to keep their customers happy in their gym.

Let have a look at new 5 fat burning exercises.

1 ManMaker

Man Makers are a great way to improve strength and cardiovascular endurance while using very little external resistance.

Start push up after standing in push up position with one hand on either dumbbell. Next, row with one dumbbell, then row with the opposite dumbbell. Stand swiftly and place each dumbbell on your shoulders, then do a front squat followed by Associate in nursing overhead press.

Return the dumbbells back to their beginning position to finish that repetition and acquire prepared for successive repetition. to maximize your results, select a weight that creates it troublesome for you to finish ten repetitions of the ManMaker. Simply ten repetitions of this potent move are often used for a quick, 5 minute, full body, fat-burning workout!

2 ) Breakdance Push-up

You don’t have to be break dance expert to practice this exercise. This exercise won’t solely progress your core and higher body strength sort of a regular push-up, however additionally will increase your nimbleness and suppleness.

Start in a very bridge position together with your omphalos facing the ceiling and your weight supported on your hands and feet. Then “flip” to 1 aspect or the opposite, keeping one leg off the bottom, and do a push-up. Then “flip” once more back to the bridge position

3) Sox Squat

The Sox Squat is superb for forcing your body to realize correct posture, open up shoulder and chest muscles that get notoriously tight once you’re sitting at a pc, and conjointly work nearly each muscle in your body.

Start during a standing position together with your shoulder blades squeezed back and your arms overhead and bent at a 90o angle. Then sink into a seated , squatting position. Next set and gradually straighten your arms as you stand. the foremost necessary factor to try and do throughout a Sox Squat is to stay your shoulder blades squeezed back and your butt back behind you. attempt ten Sox Squats, and to form them even harder, stand facing the wall together with your toes up against the wall as you are doing the exercise, which is able to force you to stay your weight behind you.

4 Skater Squat

Not like the Sox Squat, the jock Squat introduces balance, coordination, and legerity into the combination. You’ll be able to see a picture of the beginning and ending position here.

Begin by a position upright and shifting your mass onto your left foot. Then curve your right knee 900 thus your right foot is at the back you and off the ground. Maintaining your left knee pursuit over your standing foot, bend your left knee, hip and mortise joint whereas slowly lowering your right knee – and your entire weight – toward the ground. Once done properly, you’ll look similar to a speed jock within the final position. Once you’ve down yourself as so much as you’ll be able to, reverse the movement and come to the beginning position.

5 Hip Hinge

Simply cross each hands across your chest, then hinge forward at the hips whereas trying forward and keeping your back straight. You’ll reach a degree at that your hamstrings feel terribly tight and you can’t hinge forward any longer while not bending your back. Once you reach that time, “squeeze” your butt cheeks and use your butt to drag you into your beginning standing position. This exercise is additionally called the folded one dollar bill or the shadow dead lift exercise.

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